What is Granite?

Granite is a hard, coarse grained rock that makes up a large part of every continent. Granite contains three main minerals, quartz, alkali feldspar, and plagioclase feldspar. These minerals make granite white, pink, or light grey. Granite also contains small amounts of dark brown, dark green or black minerals, such as hornblende and biotite mica. The grains of the minerals in granite are large enough that they can easily be distinguished.


The minerals in granite are interlocked like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Consequently, granite is a strong and durable. Geologists classify granite as an igneous rock. The slow cooling and crystallization of molten material called magma forms most granite. Magma has the same chemical composition as granite. It forms from rocks that melt 16 to 25 miles below the surface of the continents. These rocks melt at temperatures between 1200 and 1650 degrees Fahrenheit. As the magma rises, it cools.


Most granite magma cools slowly enough to form coarse crystals and it solidifies below the earth’s surface.

Sometimes granite magma erupts from volcanoes and cools too quickly to form large crystals. The resulting rock, called rhyolite, has the same mineral composition as granite but is fine grained.




Amazon Green

amazon green

American Black

american black


Autumn Rose

autumn rose


Blue Topaz

blue topaz


Carnation Pink

carnation pink


Cloud Gray

cloud gray



Confetti Black

confetti black


Dakota Red

dakota red

Black Diamond

black diamond





Galaxy Black

galaxy black

Gray Cloud

gray cloud

Gray Forest


Imperial Red


India Red


Keystone Blue

keystone blue

Keystone Green

keystone green

Leopard Spot


Medium Barre Gray


Missouri Red

missouri red


multi swirl

Night Black

night black

North American Pink


Paradise Green

paradise green

Red Swirl

red swirl

Riverbed Brown

riverbed brown

Riverbed Red

riverbed red


sage brush

Salisbury Pink

salisbury pink

SD Pink

sd pink

Seashell Pink

seashel lpink

St. Alban's Pink

st. alban's pink

Super Gray

super gray

Topaz Blue

topaz blue

Wassau Red

wassau red